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Woops my 10 minute study break turned into a whole year

Anonymous wondered:

because game of thrones is an on going tv show , people chose not the read the books so they can find out what happens as it goes on, you can't complain to people about not reading the books like the way you can for a movie

i couldn’t agree more. that tag was 100% filled with sarcasm. i wasn’t spoiling anything. i’m so excited for oberyn also because sass and great acting.

but since a song of ice and fire is an on going book saga, first book published in 1996 (i was two and couldn’t read back then), people who only watch the tv show can’t complain about spoilers that had been published 10 years ago. either you read the books and watch the tv show, or you watch the tv show and deal with people who read the books back when a dance with dragons was nearly utopic. 

Tonight on Game of Thrones 4.01 [x]


things you can never have too much of:

  • tea
  • walking barefoot
  • cuddles
  • movies that make you laugh so hard your ribs hurt
  • sharing your secrets at 1am with your best friend
  • long, passionate kisses
  • tea
  • taking a nap in the sun
  • having someone play with your hair
  • a good book 
  • yoga
  • swimming at night
  • playing your favourite song over and over in the dark until you fall asleep
  • tea